Ben Hughes

Managing Director 总经理

Rebecca Finney

Chinese Liaison Officer 中文联络官


Who is Pippas Guardians?

  • Run on Family Values 建立在家庭价值观的基础上
  • 1997 – 27 Years experience 成立于1997年,已有27年经验
  • Mother – Pippa 由我的母亲 – Pippa成立
  • Over 120 prestigious Boarding Schools across UK 与全英国120多所著名的寄宿学校合作
  • AEGIS Gold Accredited AEGIS金牌认证的监护公司

什么是 AEGIS 监护人?

What is an AEGIS Guardian?

  • Safeguards the welfare of students 确保学生福利
  • Rigorous accreditation process 严格的认证流程
  • Highest standards of care and safety 最高水平的照顾和安全措施
  • Pippa’s are fully accredited to gold standard 培宝监护是完全符合金牌认证的标准

AEGIS is the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students and some schools will request an AEGIS Guardian specifically.

How will Pippa’s look after your child?


  • Ben Hughes – Guardian 公司的法定监护人
  • Area Managers 区域经理
  • Host Families 寄宿家庭
  • Chaperones 陪同人员
  • Benefits for your child 以孩子的身心健康为首要考虑

Responsive Area Managers

  • Located close to school 居住在学校附近
  • Regular visits with reports and updates 定期访问孩子并提供详细报告和最新信息
  • Good relationships with the school 与学校保持良好紧密关系
  • Genuine interest in pastoral and academic progress 关心学生的教养和学业进步
  • Encourage your child to make the most of every opportunity 鼓励孩子充分利用一切机会
  • Attend Parents meetings with full written academic report 参加家长会并提供详尽的书面学术报告
  • Arrange travel and transport, ad hoc trips and appointments 安排旅行和交通、临时旅行和预约
  • Respond in an emergency 处理紧急情况
  • Co-ordinate excellent local host families 协调当地优秀的寄宿家庭

How do we recruit safe host families?


Our selection process is rigorous following AEGIS safeguarding standards. All students are carefully matched to a suitable Host Family

  • Safety & quality are our priorities 安全和质量是首要考虑
  • Families are carefully selected and vetted by your Area Manager 精心挑选寄宿家庭,并由区域经理进行严格审查
  • Stringent safety checks and references are carried out 严格的安全检查和推荐信审查流程
  • Safeguarding awareness training 为寄宿家庭提供安全意识培训
  • Annual home inspections 进行每年度寄宿家庭检查
  • 24/7 Duty Support available 提供全天候值班支持

Your Area Manager is always your main point of contact. The host family looks after your child during their holidays and weekend breaks, if required.您的区域经理将始终是您的主要联系人,寄宿家庭是在假期和周末休息时为您孩子提供一个居住的地方,照顾您的孩子。

  • Provide a comfortable ‘Home away from home’ 为您的孩子提供舒适的“家外之家”
  • Warm welcome and fun as part of the family 热情欢迎您的孩子加入他们的家庭生活
  • A regular local family to return to each stay 提供一个固定的居住家庭
  • Genuine long-term interest in student wellbeing 长期关心学生的健康成长
  • Ensure your child is happy and supported 确保您的孩子快乐并得到支持
  • Allows time to relax and re-charge away from school 给学生提供在校外放松和充电的时间

What does a host family do?


Helping your child achieve academic success


  • Pippa’s Half Term Study Camps 培宝的期中假期学习营
  • University Advisory Service 大学咨询服务
  • School Advisory Service 择校咨询服务

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose the host family for my child?我可以为我的孩子选择寄宿家庭吗?

How far is the host family from my child’s school?寄宿家庭离我孩子的学校有多远?

Will my child have to change host family?我的孩子需要更换寄宿家庭吗?

Will my child be safe when travel from school to the airport?我的孩子在从学校到机场的途中安全吗?

Do you communicate by WeChat?你们用微信沟通吗?

Why choose Pippa’s Guardians?




Long standing, respected, family run company具有悠久历史并备受尊敬的家族企业


Area Managers


  • Exclusive, highly personal, gold standard service 提供独一无二、高度个性化的金牌标准服务
  • Complete peace of mind 24/7 24/7 全天候安心服务
  • Share your own aspirations 分享您的愿望
  • Expert Head Office support team 专业的总部支持团队
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable local Area Managers 专业、知识渊博的当地区域经理
  • Complete package of services for your child’s education 为您孩子的教育提供全套服务

今天早上收到您关于Maxine的报告真是太棒了。我和Alex非常感谢您,因为我们知道可以依靠您定期向我们报告女儿们的最新情况,而且在照顾她们方面,您总是尽心尽力。特别是五月份您为Maxine组织了一个精彩的生日活动,这让我们印象深刻,尽管您并不需要这样做!您一直是培宝的杰出代表,公司的组织总是井井有条,简直就是充当我们在英国当地的耳目。再次感谢您,Lisa。学期即将结束,我和Alex祝您和您的家人度过一个愉快的暑假。祝好 Mel和Alex


Registration and the next steps

We understand that selecting the right Guardianship agency is an important decision for parents. Your child’s safety, happiness and success cannot be compromised.
We advise early registration for our services for September 2024. Please visit our website and complete our online form to secure your place.
  • Online registration and confirmation of place 在线注册和确认注册成功
  • Pre–arrival support and preparation to welcome you 抵达前的支持和欢迎准备
  • Meet and Greet with Area Manager on arrival 抵达后与区域经理见面
  • Host Family matching and introduction 寄宿家庭配对和介绍

Ben Hughes

Managing Director

Rebecca Finney

Chinese Liaison Officer