“The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on all our lives wherever we are in the world.

As we face these unprecedented times, the priority of all the Team at Pippa’s Guardians is the safety and wellbeing of our students, as well as supporting our parents who are understandably anxious about their children, whether they are at home or in the UK.

We are continually monitoring the situation and keeping up to date with the latest Government guidance and advice, and aim to provide accurate, trusted, and timely communications to all our parents. We are proactive and responsive and have adapted to operate in a manner that ensures the safety of our students, staff, and host families at all times.

We are working closely with the Senior Leadership Teams at our Partner Schools to ensure that together we reach solutions that provide the best possible care for our students both in and out of school during these challenging times.

At Pippa’s Guardians we pride ourselves on the close relationships that we have with our Partner Schools through our team of caring, experienced local Area Managers. When our students are in the UK they are on hand to support your child and our 24/7 emergency number is always available. Our aim is for you to have peace of mind during these challenging times.”

Ben Hughes, Managing Director

Testing and preparing for travel

Our local Area Managers are very much aware of the complexities of preparing for international travel during the pandemic. Local government and airline requirements across the world are ever changing and we work closely with our parents and agents to make sure we can assist in preparing our students for a smooth journey home. We happily support with the logistics of attending appointments at approved clinics for pre-travel testing, always adhering to the required timescales for testing. We are also committed to keeping all our parents well informed of the latest requirements of the UK government for entry to the UK to ensure a straightforward return to school at the end of a holiday. We understand that travel is an anxious time for parents and students and the Pippa’s team are on hand to do all we can to help.

Enhanced travel support

Pippa’s Guardians recognise that our parents are naturally worried when their children are travelling thousands of miles on their own. The Covid-19 pandemic has added an extra layer of anxiety prompting us to review how we can provide extra peace of mind and greater support to our students on their travel days.

Our Covid-19 code of conduct for drivers and passengers ensures that every precaution is taken to ensure that our students travel to their destinations in a safe manner. Our fully vetted and approved transport partners have committed to ensuring that the enhanced safety procedures are adhered to.

On our busiest travel days, we have stationed a Pippa’s Guardians staff member at Heathrow airport to support our students with check-in and any airport Covid-19 testing procedures. Our parents have appreciated this extra level of assistance to ensure their children are safely on their way home without a hitch.

Local Area Managers

Our Area Managers have adapted their working practices to support our students during the Covid-19 pandemic. Keenly staying abreast of constant change allows the team to react and respond to changing needs. The proximity of our experienced Area Managers to the schools they work with has been invaluable enabling them to be on hand to assist their students when required. During the pandemic, our 24/7 emergency telephone has allowed us to quickly respond to urgent travel requests any time of day or night, especially when short notice plans have been made. Bespoke Guardianship Safeguarding and Mental Health Awareness training has helped our professional team to ensure that the young people we care for are sensitively supported during these particularly difficult times. Our team are excellent communicators and keep in regular contact with parents, ready to knowledgeably answer any questions.

Host Families

Our Host Families are exceptional, but the pandemic has demonstrated just how fantastic they are. Some of our families are continuing to look after students who have chosen to stay in the UK for almost a year. Caring for children at a time of crisis isn’t easy, but it’s what Pippa’s Guardian excels at. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve been proud of the swift, caring, decisive service we’ve provided. Host Families are caring for our students as they would their own, supporting them and making them feel secure. They are instrumental in Pippa’s Guardians successfully responding to ever changing circumstances, be it providing a welcome home during a lockdown or a safe place to complete a quarantine stay. Caring and supportive, a home-away-from home is always there when it is needed.

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