We have been looking after international students since 1997 and are experts in this field. As a family run business founded on sound values we make it our business to get to know your child well with regular visits and high quality pastoral support. We place a strong emphasis on strong working relationships and responsive communication. We keep in regular contact with House parents, the School and host families to ensure that your daughter or son is safe, settles in well, makes good progress and has everything needed to flourish in the UK.

We are accredited by AEGIS vet our host families thoroughly and know each family personally. This means that when we discuss matching your child with a host family you can be confident that they will meet your child’s needs well.

We also have a 24/7 hour emergency telephone number to ensure that your child will be looked after no matter the time of day or night.

Absolutely. Pippa’s Guardians is a fully accredited member of AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). AEGIS demands the highest of standards. Every member company has been fully inspected, has passed many strict criteria and can be relied on to provide top quality care for your child. We take our responsibility for caring for your child very seriously.

After what is usually a long flight and an emotional departure, we think it is important for your child to be met by a friendly face. All our drivers are known to Pippa’s Guardians and have been thoroughly checked and vetted. Wherever possible we will allocate the same driver so your child gets to know him or her well. Some schools arrange a bus service for their international students, which you are welcome to choose if you prefer.

You might decide to have your child travel as an ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ which means they are thoroughly looked after by the airline and released only to an authorised representative, who must be carrying all the correct identification. In these circumstances we provide all the relevant details of the driver to you and the airline before your child’s flight.

Your child will be registered with his or her School’s local National Health Service Doctor who will attend to your child should they fall ill. This is provided free of charge even if they are admitted to hospital. In the event of serious illness or injuries, we will be in contact with you and keep you informed of your child’s progress at all times. All schools also have an in-house nurse and medical centre to care for your child’s needs on a day to day basis.

Schools provide regular written reports on their students’ academic progress. Typically, you will receive three written academic reports a year, one at the end of each term. Your child will also be assessed with grade marks for effort and achievement at regular intervals throughout each term. In addition, there will be an annual parent-teacher meeting which we will attend on your behalf if requested. We will send you a full written report of this meeting.

We understand that there is a connection between discipline and your child’s success. That’s why we make every effort to ensure that your child maintains a good discipline record and keeps the School’s regulations. Regular discussions with the School ensure that discipline is tracked at all times and measures are taken before the School feels the need to administer stronger penalties. No school tolerates smoking, drinking alcohol or the use of drugs. Should your child be excluded or suspended from the school for a period of time as a result of breaking these rules, host families will be in attendance to care for him or her during this period.

Since we know our host families so very well, the most practical solution is for us to match your child with the most suitable family through the selection criteria. You will, of course, be informed of the decision and be provided with full details of the host family. No placement will go ahead without your consent, meaning that your child is never placed with a family with which you are not comfortable.

Your child will be provided with his or her own room and desk, although sometimes students ask to share rooms with their friends or the other children within the family. This can often provide friendship and support and can be arranged if required.

Typically, your child will stay with his or her host family during the two weekend breaks (exeats) and the half term holiday which most schools have each term. There are three terms in total. Most students fly home for the holidays between terms and some for the long half term break. If your child needs to stay with the host family for a period at the start or end of term, as is sometimes the case, we can arrange that too.

Yes, of course. We want your child to feel safe and happy. So if we need to change the family for whatever reason we do. However, we are confident that our selection criteria ensures that the most suitable family will be found for your child.

Pippa’s Guardians will visit your child at least twice a term. We believe that this face-to-face contact is essential to the welfare and happiness of your child and is of utmost priority for us. We also encourage your child to contact Pippa’s Guardians at any time should they require any assistance.

Absolutely. You dictate how much you’d like your child to receive and we will transfer this to them either through the school safe or through their own bank account.

Yes and we can assist with this.

This will require a full term’s notice in writing. Any money left over in your child’s account will then be refunded to you.

Pippa’s Guardians can be contacted 24/7 for emergencies. All relevant contact numbers will be provided to you, your child, the School and the host family for everyone’s peace of mind.