Introductions 简介

讲师:James Harding – 大学咨询顾问师

  • Given talks at over 250 schools in UK and overseas 在超过250所学校在英国和海外举办过讲座
  • Assisted with hundreds of university applications 协助数百份大学申请
  • Visited over 100 UK universities 访问了100多所英国大学

James Harding
University Advisor

Rebecca Finney
Chinese Liaison Officer

Ben Hughes
Managing Director

A Successful Application 

  • Choose a course you are passionate about 选择自己感兴趣的课程
  • Demonstrate critical engagement 展示批判性参与和实际行动
  • Write a strong personal statement 用自己的独特声音撰写

Choosing a university


Rankings are important, but they are not everything

  • Location 地理位置
  • Cost of living 生活费用
  • Percentage of international students 国际学生比例
  • Graduate prospects 毕业前景
  • Student staff ratio 师生比例

The UCAS Application 申请

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service


  • Single online application 在线申请系统
  • Choose up to 5 UK universities 最多可选择5所英国大学
  • Only seen by your chosen universities 只有您选择的大学能够查看您的申请信息
  • Offers made directly from universities 大学将直接发出录取通知书
  • Offers based on predicted grades 录取通知书是根据预测的成绩

Personal Statement


A short essay about your academic and personal experiences – 4,000 characters (including spaces)
关于您的学术和个人经历的短文 – 4,000 字(包括空格)

Structure your statement
  • Provide evidence of your interests, experience and strengths  展示您的兴趣、经验和优势
  • What you have gained from the subjects you studied 描述您在所学科目中的成长
  • Work/volunteer experience 您的工作 或者 当过志愿者的经历
  • Motivation and personal skills e.g. music, sport 自我动力和个人技能,如音乐、体育
  • Your future goals – where you want to be in 5 years’ time 展望您的未来目标 — 5 年后的职业发展规划
Re-draft, re-draft, re-draft 重新起草、重新起草、重新起草


How do universities respond?



Conditional offer 有条件录取

Unconditional offer 无条件录取

Unsuccessful 不成功

University Advice Service


  • UK University admission overview seminar 英国大学招生流程研讨会
  • Regular one to one sessions over 12-18 month cycle 提供定期的一对一课程,覆盖从12到18个月的周期
  • Advice on university choices 大学选择建议
  • Advice and support with personal statement 提供帮助与支持来撰写个体陈述稿件
  • Interview advice, preparation and practice for Oxbridge 操练牛津及剑桥大学的面谈技能
  • Support and advice if required grades are not achieved 为未能满足录取条件要求的学生提供帮助和建议