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Questions we will be answering today

  • What is a Guardian and why do we need one?
  • Difference between host families and a Guardian?
  • How are host families vetted?
  • What is AEGIS and why important?
  • Q&A's

School Responsibilities as Visa Sponsor

UKVI Sponsor Duties Care arrangements for children

Student Sponsor Guidance (taken from gov website)

3.27 Sponsors who recruit a child under the age of 18 must ensure suitable care arrangements are in place for them in the UK. This must include arrangements for their:  
  • travel
  • reception when they arrive in the UK
  • care while in the UK

New National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools (NMS) - September 2022

Standard 22 – Educational Guardians

  • 22.1 All educational guardians appointed by the school are subject to the same safer recruitment procedures as staff.
  • 22.2 Where the school is responsible for appointing educational guardians it regularly monitors the suitability of its arrangements.
  • 22.3 Whether an educational guardian is appointed by the school or a parent/carer the school takes appropriate steps to ensure that the guardianship arrangement is promoting the welfare, physical wellbeing and emotional wellbeing of the boarder.
  • 22.4 Any concerns about an educational guardianship arrangement should be acted upon immediately and referred to any relevant agencies.
  • 22.5 Under no circumstances should school staff be appointed as an educational guardian for boarders.

New National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools (NMS) - September 2022

Standard 22 – Educational Guardians

DfE Clarifications:
  • Where an AEGIS guardian is in place, due diligence done
  • Vagueness intentional – not prescriptive
  • 22.3 ‘Where parents have appointed a family friend or family member, schools will need to be comfortable with the arrangement. Schools will not be expected to visit or carry out lengthy vetting.  A telephone call to the appointed guardian in order to check that the arrangement is legitimate, and also a conversation with the student after stays outside of school to ensure they are happy, were deemed to be appropriate steps.  Schools are to use their own judgement on a case-by-case basis.
  • 22.5 'Designed to ensure there are external avenues to support children - avoiding ‘closed cultures’ and blurred boundaries’

Why is a guardian important?

  • Area Manager – knowledge, experience, support, local
  • Parents meeting academic support
  • Transport
  • Emergencies
  • Host families
  • Good Communication

What is the difference between a guardian and a host family?

  • Educational Guardian – Guardian! Duty of care. Primary contact. Safeguarding and Insurance.
  • Assign host family, accommodation for term breaks.

How are host families vetted?

  • How do they come to us
  • Phone screening
  • Interview
  • Expectations
  • DBS
  • References
  • Insurance
  • Gas, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide
  • Re-inspection

What are the benefits of becoming a host family?

  • Long term
  • Difference
  • Culture exchange
  • Pay

What is AEGIS?

Why is it so important?

What do AEGIS Guardians have in place for safeguarding?

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
  • Regular safeguarding training for staff, volunteers and homestays, safer recruitment procedures
  • Schools and Parents/Agents should liaise with the DSL
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
  • Links with external agencies- sharing information to keep children safe
  • DSL for mental health, online safety, prevent