Dear Parents and Guardians...

We are delighted to welcome your children to another exciting half-term at Pippa’s camp at Rugby School. Our students arrived on Friday, and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces alongside some new ones.

My team and I have prepared a fantastic programme filled with engaging activities, learning opportunities, and fun experiences. We are committed to ensuring your children have a memorable and enriching time at camp.

We will keep you updated with plenty of pictures and stories through our social media platforms and these camp diaries. Stay tuned for all the latest news and highlights from Pippa’s camp!

Warm regards,

Louise Hughes
Camp Director

Day One

Upon arrival, students were shown to their accommodation where they spent the afternoon unpacking, relaxing, and exploring their home for the next 10 days. The campus buzzed with excitement as friendships old and new began to flourish.

At 6pm, we gathered for a delightful supper, followed by a welcome briefing from me, your Camp Director, Louise Hughes. This was an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with the camp staff and learn about the exciting programme we have in store.

 Day Two

The first official day of the half-term holiday was intentionally relaxed, with no compulsory activities or study sessions. Students could choose how to spend their time, whether it was studying in their bedrooms, relaxing, or socialising in the common rooms. This free time allowed everyone to settle in comfortably and bond with their peers.

After lunch, students had the option to explore the school campus and walk into Rugby town centre. This excursion provided a wonderful opportunity to see more of the school and local area. Students enjoyed shopping, visiting local cafes, and spending time with their camp friends.


After supper, we hosted a mocktail-making masterclass. Students formed teams to recreate the recipes and techniques shown to them and made delicious fruit drinks. It was a fun and interactive session, filled with creativity and laughter, and everyone enjoyed tasting their fruity concoctions.

 Day Three

Some students opted for a refreshing swim at the school’s indoor pool, while others took the time to study or simply enjoy some quiet time. It was wonderful to see everyone embracing different activities according to their preferences.

After lunch, students had a variety of activities to choose from. They could continue studying, or participate in sports such as netball, badminton, or dodgeball. These activities provided a perfect balance of mental stimulation and physical exercise, catering to the diverse interests of our students.

After supper, students had the chance to unwind with some entertainment. Some ventured to the local cinema to watch either the Garfield movie or Planet of the Apes film, enjoying a cinematic experience with their camp friends.

Meanwhile, back at the boarding house, other students indulged in some baking fun. They decorated cupcakes with colourful frosting and toppings, creating delicious treats to share with their peers. It was a delightful evening of creativity and teamwork.

Day Four

Our Mathematics and Science tutors joined the students for the morning study sessions. They conducted 1:1 meetings with those seeking extra support, tutoring, or help with revision. These personalised sessions aimed to address individual academic needs and enhance understanding.

For students wanting a break from studying, the fitness centre was available. This provided a great opportunity to recharge and stay active, ensuring a healthy balance between academics and physical well-being.

The afternoon continued with more study sessions for those who chose to focus on their academics. Additionally, a variety of sports and activities were available including basketball, yoga, football and rounders.

In the evening, we hosted a lively paint party where students learned to draw caricature-style portraits. This fun and creative session allowed them to practice their new skills by drawing each other. It was a fantastic way to end the day, filled with laughter as students shared their artistic creations.

 Day Five

Students were supported by tutors in Science, French, German, English, and Maths during their study and revision sessions. These sessions provided personalised assistance to help students excel in their studies. For those seeking some physical activity, badminton was available in the morning, offering a fun way to stay active and energised.

We were thrilled to welcome Mr. Badri, a teacher from Eton College, who joined our camp to provide a seminar on study skills and revision techniques. His insights and strategies were invaluable, helping students to develop effective study habits and improve their academic performance.

In the afternoon, students had the option to continue their study sessions or participate in a variety of physical activities such as dodgeball, Pilates, gym and volleyball.

The evening was filled with a series of energetic and fun team challenges. These activities fostered a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition, allowing students to bond and create lasting memories.

 Day Six

Our study and revision sessions continued with dedicated tutors in Maths and Science available to support students. These sessions provided invaluable assistance, helping students to tackle challenging topics and prepare effectively for their upcoming exams.

Later in the day, students had the option to go on an exciting excursion to Birmingham. This trip offered a wonderful opportunity to explore the city, enjoy some sightseeing, and experience a change of scenery.

For those who preferred to stay on campus, there were plenty of options to keep them engaged. Students could continue their study sessions or take part in various sports activities, ensuring that everyone had a productive and enjoyable day.

In the evening, we hosted a special movie night featuring the most recent Top Gun film. It was a fantastic way to unwind and have fun together. Students enjoyed the movie with popcorn and ice creams, creating a true cinema experience right here at camp.

 Day Seven

Our students continued to prioritise their school work during the morning sessions. Our dedicated tutors in Science, Languages, and Maths were available to provide extra support, ensuring that each student could make the most of their study time and address any challenging topics.

For those looking to take a break from their studies, we offered a trip to the local art gallery and museum in Rugby.

In the afternoon some students had a very exciting trip Paddleboarding at a Local Lake: This excursion provided a fantastic opportunity to learn paddleboarding in a beautiful natural setting. Students enjoyed the fresh air, practiced new skills, and had fun on the water.

For those inclined towards creativity, an art class was conducted by a local artist. Students explored various techniques and created their own masterpieces, guided by expert instruction.

The evening featured a thrilling camp quiz. Throughout the week, numbers, pictures, and clues had been strategically scattered around the boarding house to test students’ observation and memory skills. Using these clues, students worked together to solve a series of mathematical and general knowledge questions. It was a fun and challenging way to wrap up the day, fostering teamwork and sharpening their wits.

 Day Eight

As well as our usual Maths and Science teachers, we had James Copeland-Jordan the Head
of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at Cheltenham College  give a STEAM masterclass and 1:1 tutoring sessions. James is a Chemistry teacher with over 10 years’ experience, he has become a specialist at conveying complex concepts to students of all abilities with a particular focus on exam craft.

The masterclass explored the STEAM disciplines, what students need to know and do to get ahead and how they can ensure they are best prepared for their future in the STEAM fields. University choices, career paths and subject choices were also discussed as well as they can work with their current school as well as industry professionals in the UK and back at home and alumni networks to help support and navigate their journey.

Staying at the home of rugby, we couldn’t miss the chance to play a game of Tag Rugby. It was a thrilling and enjoyable session, embracing the spirit and history of Rugby School.

Jessica, a local artist, offered a nature-based art lesson using new techniques. This session allowed students to explore their creativity while drawing inspiration from the natural world.

The evening was filled with excitement as we held a dodgeball competition. Teams competed energetically, showcasing their skills and teamwork. The winning team was rewarded with delicious Krispy Kreme donuts, adding a sweet ending to an action-packed day.

 Day Nine

Saturday, our last full day of camp, was designed to ensure students returned to school rested and rejuvenated:

Students enjoyed a lie-in on Saturday morning, providing a chance to rest and recharge. Those who preferred to study could do so in the comfort of their bedrooms, taking advantage of the quiet time to prepare for their return to school.

In the afternoon, we held a lively badminton tournament, allowing students to showcase their skills and enjoy some friendly competition. For those interested in exploring more, an excursion into Rugby town centre was organised. This outing gave students a chance to see more of the local area, enjoy some shopping, and savor the final moments of camp with their friends.