Benefits of the Pippa’s Guardians guardianship service

Your child’s Area Manager will regularly visit your child in their boarding school to provide ongoing communication back to you, the parent. Your Area Manager will take a genuine interest in the wellbeing of your child and these regular visits reflects the personal service we pride ourselves on.

Appoint a friendly, welcoming and fully inspected host family, which is close to your child’s school. The host family provides a home for your child during all weekend breaks, half terms and holidays (as needed), according to your child’s requirements.

Greet your child upon their arrival into the UK, and make all personal travel arrangements for weekend breaks, half terms and holidays.

Arrange visits to schools or universities for interviews.

Supervise your child’s school uniform.

Manage your child’s pocket money.

Provide genuine pastoral care and take an interest in your child’s progress at school both academically and in their personal development as they grow into adults.

Support your child’s academic progress and attend parent/teacher meetings when required.

Represent both you as parents and your child’s needs through good communication with your child’s school and host families.

Assist you with Visa applications and Police Registrations.

Organise the purchase of UK mobile SIM cards.

Assist with opening UK bank accounts.

In the event of a crisis, Pippa’s Guardians will support your child by providing advice and assistance. Guardians are on call 24 hours every day to help you and your child with any difficulties or problems that may arise.

Provide support, help and advice on medical issues and counselling.

Advise and assist you regarding placements with future schools including handling the applications for you. They will also organise suitable English Language and revision courses for the holidays when needed.

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