Boarding schools require all international students to have a Guardian aged over 25 who is a resident in the UK.

Whilst schools are responsible for your child’s welfare during the school term, there are many times, such as exeats, half terms, holidays or when your child is sick, when the responsibility falls to the Educational Guardian to take care of your child.

In studying abroad, your child is embarking on the educational adventure of a lifetime. In essence, a guardian acts as the safety net. A guardian ensures that your child gains all the benefits and opportunities of adventure, independence, confidence and new experiences, without the accompanying risk. A guardian gives you peace of mind.

What guardianship options are available to you?

Parents often ask why they need a guardianship agency when they have a friend or business acquaintance who can act as the educational guardian for their child.

It’s important to weigh up the pros and cons to make an informed decision that’s right for your family and meets the requirements of the school.

A good guardianship arrangement will give parents peace of mind that your child will be well looked after whilst they are enjoying their UK boarding school experience.

Things to consider when appointing a family friend or business contact

Utilising a personal contact in the UK can seem a low cost and easy solution. The following points should be carefully considered before proceeding with this option:

  • Are they located close to school and experienced to respond
    in an emergency 24/7?
  • Are they always in the UK and available during term time?
  • Are they able to accommodate your child when school is closed or when an unexpected requirement to leave school arises?
  • Can they assist you with safe travel arrangements if required, and support if something goes wrong?

Benefits of Pippa’s Europe guardianship service

Affordable, bespoke, peace of mind solution
Optional services only charged for if you use them
24/7 emergency response for unforeseen circumstances
Preferred and widely accepted by all schools
Market leading AEGIS gold standard accreditation
26 years of professional experience and knowledge
UK wide network of support

Guardianship with Pippa’s Europe

The key feature of our Pippa’s Europe service is choice. We will respond in the event of an emergency and provide professional and experienced 24/7 duty support cover for all our students.
What else we do for your child is then optional and there just in case you require us to help. If you decide you need us, you have access to Pippa’s full range of market leading services.
Our parents remain in control for us to do as much or as little for their child as they choose.
You will always be the main point of contact with the school and we understand you may prefer to make your own travel arrangements whilst planning for your child to return home when school is closed.

How we will look after your child - your inclusive benefits

24/7 Duty Support for Emergencies and Urgent Assistance
Pippa’s Europe are on call 24 hours every day to help you and your child with any difficulties that may arise. In the event of a crisis, Pippa’s Europe will support your child by providing advice and assistance. Our dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable staff are trained to respond in all kinds of unforeseen situations

Personal Pippa’s Europe Manager
Our Pippa’s Europe Manager will be your personal point of contact to assist you with any questions that arise. As your main point of contact, our Pippa’s Europe Manager will ensure any communications with us are smooth and supportive.

Student and Parent Handbook
You will receive a comprehensive Student and Parent e-handbook that will help your child to settle into their new school. Packed full of general advice and support, it will also explain how you can access our optional chargeable Pippa’s services, if and when you require them. These may include an exciting half term holiday activity camp experience, our extensive travel service or an emergency host family.

Pre arrival Webinar
Our pre-arrival online webinar offers you advice and support as you prepare for your child to join their UK Boarding School. It provides valuable tips on what to expect from both a pastoral and academic perspective when studying at a UK boarding school. This insight will reassure you and your child and help them to make the most of their forthcoming adventure by being better prepared.