Pippa's Camp Diaries

Dear Parents and Guardians...

We are delighted to be hosting our 2024 half term camps at the world famous Rugby School. The excellent facilities and quality boarding houses provide the perfect setting for Pippa’s Camps.

This year, February half term for many schools, and the start of our camp was on Chinese New Year’s eve so we had a special dinner prepared for students upon their arrival and a Chinese New Year theme to many of our activities, allowing our Chinese students to celebrate and our other students to learn about the Chinese culture.

 Day One

As students began to arrive for their first evening at camp, we prepared a Chinese New Year dinner for students to enjoy whilst watching the New Year’s Gala.

Students then spent time enjoying the boarding house facilities and getting to know each other.

 Day Two

Whilst our camps help students maximise every study opportunity, we do also recognise the importance of rest and relaxation to aid successful learning. On weekend mornings students can remain in their bedrooms  if they wish. Some of our students studied in their bedrooms, some socialised with their friends and others simply had a lie in, ready to focus in the afternoon study and activity sessions.

Every afternoon we offer students a choice of activities if they wish to take a break from their school work. Saturday afternoon’s choices were badminton, volleyball, lantern making and cookery – making delicious Chinese dumplings. Study sessions are also available for those wanting to focus on school work. After supper we celebrated with fireworks and games and the Pippa’s team handed our red envelopes (a Chinese tradition) as a gift to all our students.

 Day Three

On Sunday morning, a few students were up early and enjoyed a morning swim at the school sports centre. Friendships have already began to form and students were meeting to play games in the boarding house.

After lunch many of our students joined our excursion to Rugby to visit the local shops and see more of the school campus and the town centre.

Sunday evening’s entertainment was team competitions  and games including the peanut race – a challenge to pick up as many peanuts with chopsticks as possible in the quickest time, pong – bouncing a ping pong ball into cups and Mahjong.

 Day Four

On Monday morning our camp tutors were at the study centre providing academic consultations and 1:1 support in mathematics, maths, physics, chemistry and biology.

Our choice of activities for the afternoon included tennis, cookie decorating, yoga and rounders. After dinner, students took part in a team quiz and treasure hunt.

 Day Five

On Tuesday morning students could request 1:1 time with our tutors if they wanted help in Maths, Science, English, French or Spanish. Alternatively, those who wanted a break from their studying could enjoy the gym and fitness suite.

Pippa’s University Advisor, James Harding, hosted an optional seminar for students interested in applying to UK universities. Topics included writing a personal statement, choosing the best university and the application process.

Later than day we had a choice of sports, and a cartoon artist teaching our students drawing techniques with a chinese new year theme.

In the evening students could enjoy lane swimming in the school pool or take part in our musical bingo quiz.

 Day Six

Maths tuition was available on Wednesday morning or self study and revision sessions for many of our students who have been very dedicated to their school work.

We held a mindfulness session in the morning consisting of pottery painting and then a trip to the gym for those who wanted to keep fit.

An optional excursion to Birmingham was available for students who wanted to do some shopping or continue the Chinese new year celebrations in Birmingham’s vibrant Chinese Quarter.

Most of our students attended this trip, so in the evening we relaxed with a valentine’s day movie night with popcorn.

 Day Seven

On Thursday morning, Science, English French and Spanish tutors were available to students.

There was also a seminar by James Copeland-Jordan, the Head of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at Cheltenham College.

The seminar explored the STEAM disciplines, what you need to know, what you need to do to get ahead and how you can ensure you are best prepared for your future in the STEAM fields.

Mr Copeland-Jordan then spent the afternoon at camp for 1:1 sessions with students who wanted personal advice and consultations relating to the STEAM subjects.

For other students there were a choice of sports including football, basketball, swimming and dodgeball as well as a fitness class by a full qualified British Triathlon coach.

 Day Eight

Friday was the last day with our camp tutors so students made the most of the opportunity to seek assistance with their studies.

Later in the morning, students feeling energetic headed over to the fitness gym.

A choice of activities was on offer for the afternoon, tennis, art, badminton and netball or the study centre remained open for those wishing to carry on with school work.

 Day Nine

Our final day at camp. We have worked hard, played hard and made some great friends. Rugby School was an excellent venue and we are thrilled to be returning here in May for the next camp.

Our final day was quite relaxing so students could return to school refreshed. Swimming was available in the morning followed by an excursion in to Rugby for the afternoon.

In the evening students played games with their new friends and packed up ready to depart the next morning back to their schools.

We hope to see you all in May!