Pippa's Camp Diaries

Dear Parents and Guardians...

The Pippa’s Camps team arrived at Sherborne International School to glorious sunshine where they eagerly awaited the students arrivals.

The camp is organised by Camp Director Louise Hughes (centre) Camp Coordinator Jodie Godliman (right) and Chinese Liaison Officer Eden Yang (left).

The majority of our students attending this camp are preparing for GCSE, A level or Common Entrance examinations as so the focus is heavily on study and revision this time around.  We have a variety of excellent tutors onsite to support students during this important time in the academic year.

 Day One

We kicked off the first day of our half term camp with a study skills workshop which was led by Mr Adib Badri from Eton College.

This interactive workshop looked at:

How to be an effective learner
How and when to revise
Successful study techniques

Later in the day we headed over to the classrooms for self study sessions. Those who wanted to take a break from study, joined a game of football and basketball.

After supper, some students retired to their bedrooms for online lessons or further revision, others took advantage of some social time, competing in a table tennis tournament.

 Day Two

Whilst our camps help students maximise every study opportunity, we do also recognise the importance of rest and relaxation to aid successful learning. On Sunday morning students could therefore remain in their bedrooms during the morning if they wished. Some of our students studied in their bedrooms, some enjoyed basketball in the sunshine, whilst others simply had a lie in, ready to focus in the afternoon study sessions.

Every afternoon we offer students a choice of activities if they wish to take a break from their school work. Sunday afternoon’s choices were indoor climbing, football, art (glass painting) and badminton.

Later in the evening, our students divided into teams to compete in a scavenger hunt, using their problem solving skills to race to the finish.

 Day Three

On Monday morning our camp tutors arrived in the study centre ready to support our students. Academic consultations were available for mathematics, french, spanish, arabic, german, physics, chemistry and biology.

Our choice of activities for the afternoon included swimming, basketball, netball and tag rugby. Although many of our hardworking students opted to remain in the study centre.

 Day Four

Our camp tutors returned to the study centre providing academic consultations and 1:1 support in mathematics, english, french, spanish, arabic, german, physics, chemistry and biology.

Our choice of activities for the afternoon included tennis, badminton, gym, climbing and music practice.  Students were also able to remain in the study centre and revise if they wanted to.
In the evening, our students cooled off from the sunny weather with an ice cream and movie night.

 Day Five

Our camp tutors returned to the study centre providing academic consultations and 1:1 support in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

After our morning study sessions, some of our students joined a guided tour of Sherborne Abbey. A beautiful and historic building founded in 705AD. We then enjoyed an ice cream before heading back to camp.

We also had a cookery and biscuit decorating class with some tasty treats for all the students to enjoy.

 Day Six

Our students have been making the most of the camp tutors. From revision of tricky subjects, past papers and proof reading to conversation practice and essay writing.

Many students joined our optional shopping trip today to Clarks village where they also enjoyed ice creams and bubble tea.

It was a warm evening so we had lots of fun playing water dodgeball outside on the lawn.

 Day Seven

Science tuition was available for students during their final study session as this was by far the most popular subject requested during camp. Academic consultations and past papers were available all morning.

In the afternoon students who were not studying played netball or enjoyed a textiles lesson outside on the lawn where they designed and created their own pillowcases. We also had students go to their music centre to practice their instruments.

 Day Eight

During our final full day at camp, some students took advantage of a lie in so they could return to school rested. Others who were early risers went to the school gym or studied.

Later that afternoon students played badminton and tennis or showed their talents in an art class.

On Saturday we were celebrating a student’s birthday, so our final evening was a joint farewell and birthday party. We had party games and music in the hall for students with prizes for the winners of the games.

 Day Nine

Students bid each other a fond farewell as they departed camp to return to their own schools. New friendships had been formed and we hope they will reunite at the next Pippa’s camp.