Pippa's Camp Diaries

Dear Parents and Guardians...

We are delighted to be hosting another Pippa’s camp. This time at the wonderful Tudor Hall School near Oxford. As students arrived on Friday, it was fantastic to see so many familiar faces as well as some new ones.

My team and I have an exciting programme prepared for your children and will keep you posted with lots of pictures on our social media platforms and through these camp diaries.

Louise Hughes
Camp Director

Day One

As schools closed for the half term break, students were making their way to Tudor Hall for the start of our February half term camp. As students arrived they were shown to their accommodation and spent the afternoon unpacking, relaxing and exploring their home for the next 10 days.

At 6pm, we all headed over to the dining room for supper and a welcome briefing from Camp Director Louise and introductions to the rest of the camp staff.

 Day Two

As the first official day of the half term holiday, there were no compulsory activity or study sessions. Students could therefore choose between studying in their bedrooms, relaxing or socialising in the common rooms.

After lunch, students had the choice of football, netball, gym, basketball and studying.

After supper, our evening social event was a “getting to know you” scavenger hunt. Students were given a series of questions that they had to answer. The answers could only be found by talking to their fellow camp mates and staff as each student unknowingly had one answer.

Questions included; Who is the oldest student? Who is a vegetarian? Who has a Canadian passport? Who was born in September?

This got students talking to each other and was a perfect ice breaker to begin the camp.

Day Three

Sunday morning allowed students another chance to relax and rest before study and tutor sessions commenced.

In the afternoon students chose from a variety of activities including badminton, dance, tag rugby or a walk in the fresh air to the local farm shop and cafe. Classrooms were also open for those students who wanted to spend the afternoon studying or practicing music.

Our evening social event was a music quiz. All of our students were very good at the quiz and determining a winner was very tricky as we had a number of students with the same number of points at the end. After holding tie breakers with fellow students shouting and cheering, we settled on two winners, Anton and Ronit – Well done boys!

Day Four

Study and revision started first thing on Morning morning with tutors in Maths and Science on hand for 1:1 consultations or group revision.

After the lunch break, students could choose further study sessions or from the camp activities which included art, rounders, gym or netball.

In the evening we held a mini olympics event where students competed in teams in a series of fun challenges.

 Day Five

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our morning started with tutoring sessions in Science, English, Spanish and French alongside self study and revision.

After lunch students could choose to continue their study, or take part in a valentine’s cookie decorating, badminton or dodgeball.

In the evening we held a valentine’s disco with lots of dancing.

Day Six

Tutors in Science joined our morning study sessions to assist students where needed.

After students had completed their self study and revision, some students joined our excursion to Bicester shopping village, others chose to stay on campus and study further or take part in Basketball or Badminton.

Later that day, students relaxed with a movie and pamper night.

Day Seven

Students have now been at the camp a week and very familiar with the routine and the campus.

Tutors in Science, English, Maths, French and Science were available to tutor or assist the students as required.

After lunch, we had a variety of activities available, including art (clay sculpture making) basketball, volleyball, or show practice. Classrooms remained open for those wanting to continue their studies.

In the evening we held a lip sync/ talent show in the hall. Students performed dance routines they had prepared in groups and as solos.

Students watching were very supportive, clapping and cheering on their camp mates as they bravely took to the stage.

Day Eight

Students made the most of their final day with our tutors, booking 1:1 and small group revision sessions.

After lunch we held further study sessions as well as a cookery class, dodgeball and gym activities.

After supper we held a games night for students in the common room.

 Day Nine

Our final day of camp before students depart and return home to their schools. The day started with rest and relaxation in their boarding houses so that students could feel refreshed before restarting classes at school.

In the afternoon we offered study sessions, an outdoor walk and badminton.

Later in the evening, we held a farewell party before students packed their suitcases ready to depart.