Familiarisation Workshops

Preparation for pupils joining UK boarding schools

Oxford University

Established in 1997, by my mother, Pippa Hughes, Pippa’s Guardians is a family-run guardianship organisation which supports the welfare of international students at some of the top boarding schools in the UK. The academic and personal development of the students during their schooling in the UK is at the heart of all we do. At Pippa’s Guardians, our team is fully committed to ensuring that the students are well cared for and supported during their education in the UK.

Preparing students for boarding school

Students come to the UK seeking a world class education which offers excellent teaching, facilities and support. But adapting to life in the UK and fitting in to the boarding community can be a challenge for these students.
At Pippa’s Guardians, we are aware of a need to support the integration of our students into British culture, thereby ensuring that they are able to access and maximise the full potential of a British education.
With this in mind, we are adding to our portfolio of services and will be offering two-day Familiarisation Workshops before the start of the academic year in September. These workshops will focus on the British independent school system and how to prepare for the start of school, and will familiarise students with British culture to ensure a successful transition.

A tailored programme

This unique two-day workshop is customised to the specific individual needs of the students and designed to help them build positive relationships with their academic teachers and school staff, fellow students and host families ensuring a successful start to boarding school in the UK. It will set a firm foundation for students and help them aspire to the highest levels of achievement and future study at the best universities in the world.