A Level student Samuel Tang has not only received offers at five prestigious universities this year, but has crowned his achievements this winter by successfully auditioning for places at the UK’s highest ranking music schools; the Royal Northern College of Music; the Royal College of Music, London and the Royal Academy of Music, London.

Samuel studied at St. Paul’s College in Hong Kong for six years before moving to England to study at Wells Cathedral School, where he’s been for the last eighteen months. In this time Samuel has raced through his singing grades, and passed

Samuel Tang has attained places at some of the best music schools in the country

his grade 8 with distinction before applying to study Music. Both Samuel and his parents are filled with gratitude for the support provided by Wells Cathedral School, where Samuel received excellent teaching and was able to practice singing for two hours every evening in their practice house, as well as to Pippa’s Guardians and Area Manager Elaine Kitt, who accompanied Samuel to his auditions.

Samuel took the auditions in his stride, and had this to say about his preparation and his experience;

‘I practiced every night in Mullins for 2 hours, recording my practice and trying to find my mistakes and correct them. I didn’t really rehearse my interviews but I did some research on my repertoires about the context of the music and listened to professional recordings of my repertoires. My interviewers were all so friendly and they asked questions mainly on my interest in singing and my future career in music performance. In RAM, they even asked about how to put my audition repertoires in recital situations.’

Samuel hasn’t decided which college to attend yet, but said that he would like to sing in his chosen college’s opera or in the chamber choir, as he hopes to become a professional opera singer or chorester.

Samuel would like to be a professional opera singer or chorester

Samuel’s parents, Richard and Dappy, wanted to express their appreciation of Wells Cathedral School, Pippa’s Guardians’ work and in particular, Samuel’s Host Family and Area Manager;

‘We feel excited and amazing that Samuel has received these offers. We think Samuelˊs musical talent comes from God’s gift. Moreover, his talent has been further fostered by his teachers in St Paulˊs College in HK as well as Wells Cathedral School. We hope that Samuel will extend his studying in music happily and will apply his learning to make people feel happy when they listen to his singing! We would like to give special thanks to the host family, Liz; as well as Elaine, for their taking good care of Samuel in attending the auditions at the music colleges. Indeed, without their company and support, Samuel will not have the chance to attain these achievements.’

A huge congratulations to Samuel and we are excited so see (and hear) where this wonderful musical path takes you.