Oscar Chan takes to the sky whilst host Jacqueline pauses for breath between bouncing

This half term Pippa’s Guardians organised their most spring-loaded social yet – a day at Airborne Trampoline Park for Host Families, their own children and the international student they host, from in and around the Cheltenham area. Airborne Trampoline Park boasts a sea of performance-sprung trampolines, a laser Reaction Wall and the wicked jumping obstacle-course Ninja Run, as well as a three-metre high Jump Tower, which our students (and some of the more daring parents) had great fun leaping from.

The social event was very well attended, with over thirty children bouncing away whilst their host families chatted and relaxed over refreshments. Local Area Managers Susie Sedgwick, Sarah Davies, Clare Carter and Caroline Heath were all in attendance, as well as Managing Director Ben Hughes and his family, who kindly funded the snack and drinks at the cafe. Host Jacqueline Greenough attended with her own two children and three boys that were staying with her; Jacqueline was incredibly energetic and keen to give the boys a great time; she did every trampoline and obstacle at the park – see her in purple on the left, beneath airborne Oscar Chan!

Jacqueline said:

‘I am lucky to host three great boys from Hong Kong whom attend Cheltenham College. They recently stayed with our family over half term and we were invited to go to Airbourne for a trampolining session. I think my boys and my own two children really didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be the most amazing fun. In fact I couldn’t resist joining in myself and we were all soon bouncing away and the hour went so fast and we really didn’t want to come off ! I think the best bit for me was the ‘Ninja Run’ when I was told by the boy working there that I was the oldest person he had ever seen to compete the course properly (not sure if that was a compliment or not !) All in all we all had a great time with my boys and my own children especially loving the basketball area and the big jump which they all did without hesitation whereas I had to be coaxed down by a five year old, so thank you to Pippa’s Guardians for arranging this event we all loved it!’

Susie said:

‘The event was well organised thanks to Theresa Newnham, our lovely new Office Administrator. We really enjoyed watching the children and even some of the fitter adults bouncing about and challenging themselves on the ropes! The children were very considerate of each other, as there were teenagers mixed with very young children; it was like one big family, with the older ones making sure the younger ones were safe, even when they didn’t know each other.’

Pippa’s Guardians’ students and the children of their host families had a great time attempting the Ninja Run course!

‘It was great to have some time to talk to the Host Families that we all value so highly and to meet their own children. Our students all seemed to have a great time; by the end they all had roses cheeks and drank gallons of water, and I think many would have bounced on for another hour given the chance.’

We’d like to thank Ben for hosting a wonderful social; a good time was had by all, and a lovely opportunity for host families to get to know one another and enjoy an active, exciting day out with their children and our international students.