Pippa's Christmas Camp 2021

Christmas is a special time, a time that many would consider is all about children, spending time with family and creating memories. In 2020 many international students studying in the UK, were not able to travel home and spend Christmas with their families, so Pippa’s Guardians offered them the choice of spending it with a host family or with their friends at our Christmas Camp in the Cotswolds. The 2020 camp was a huge success and was even named as a finalist in the PIEoneer awards.


This year, many students are still in the same situation and so we asked parents and students what they would like to do, what would give them an enjoyable and memorable Christmas experience.

Unsurprisingly, another Christmas camp was a very popular request. We are therefore delighted to once again, be offering international students a Pippa’s Christmas camp from 18th Dec -5th Jan.


Our camp will be held at Dean Close School in Cheltenham. It offers an opportunity to study/revise as well as lots of fun and enjoyable activities, sports and social events, a traditional English Christmas Day experience (just with lots more seats round the family dinner table!) and a New Year’s Eve celebration with fireworks.


For more information about our Christmas camp, please email jodie@pippasguardians.co.uk