January Arrivals

Supporting students to return to the UK and continue their UK education remains a priority for Pippa’s Guardians.

Throughout the pandemic we have welcomed arriving students to join our Quarantine Hotel Service when quarantine is a requirement for their entry to the UK. We continued to offer this service for students arriving to the UK in January  2022 following their Christmas holidays, as well as enhanced travel support to assist students with airport covid testing.

As students began to arrive in the UK to start the new term, a Pippa’s representative was waiting at the airport to greet them and provided assistance with the required arrival COVID tests. After transporting everyone to the quarantine hotel and caring for them during their comfortable stay, we arranged safe transport to their onward destination.

Some students simply required safe travel arrangements from the airport to their school, others needed a host family stay or a place to isolate should they test positive.

As always, our Area Managers were on the ground, close to the students to provide individual support and guidance as required.