Pippa's Camp Diaries

 Dear Parents and Guardians...

 As your children have now been at camp for a few days, I am delighted to share with you some photos and details about what we have been up to since Friday. We are regularly sharing information on our social media sites (instagram, facebook and wechat) so for more photos, please follow our pages. 

Day One

As the first day of the half term holiday, students were able to rest and relax in their boarding house during the morning. However, as many of our returning students were keen to reunite with their camp friends, most of the students were up early and socialising in the sunshine in the gardens.

After lunch, students were asked to choose what they would like to do during the next two sessions, they could choose from study and revision, netball, badminton, tennis, art and tag rugby.

Later that evening we held some fun team games to help students get to know each other and settle into camp.

 Day Two

Sunday morning was an opportunity for students to rest or revise. Students could remain in their boarding house until lunchtime to ensure that they had a break from a busy school term before the camp study sessions began on Monday.

 In the afternoon students could again choose to study and revise, or unwind with some camp activities. These included volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, rounders or music.

Later that evening we held a mocktail party where students could create some delicious non alcoholic cocktails made from fruit juices.

Day Three

Monday morning began with our study and revision sessions. We had tutors available for students who wanted extra help with English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, French or Spanish.

As many of our students are in the middle or GCSE and A Level examinations, all students were working very hard.

In the afternoon, students were able to continue with their study and revision or join an excursion into Reading to see the local area and do some shopping.

After supper, students enjoyed a movie night with ice cream and popcorn.

Day Four

Morning study and revision continues with academic support available in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

After the lunch break, students could choose further study sessions or from the camp activities which included baking, football, netball, dodgeball and art.

In the evening we held a mini olympics event where students competed in teams in a series of fun challenges.