Visas to study in the UK can be challenging at times, and if a student enters as a tourist prior to their student visa start date, schools may require the visa to be activated and stamped so a short trip outside the UK is needed.

This scenario was true for Tina who studies at Godolphin in Salisbury, so Rose, her Pippa’s Area Manager accompanied Tina on a very short visit to Paris. Whilst this is not a normal part of our role as Tina’s guardian, we always strive to support our students in all aspects of their study abroad journey and step in and help if we can. We believe in ‘going the extra mile’ and in this case it involved one of our Area Managers literally travelling hundreds of miles.

Rather than the trip being an administrative task they decided to make it an educational adventure, how much could they see and experience in a short time?

They travelled by train from Salisbury to London, then boarded the Eurostar to Paris arriving just before 7pm. On the train Tina discussed her Art A level studies, so Rose was able to secure some entrance tickets for the Louve, so after dropping off the bags we walked down through Paris and entered the amazing museum and art gallery. Tina was able to photograph sculptures and paintings by artists she is currently studying and of course stand and look at the Mona Lisa.

Outside there was a stunning clear night sky with a full moon- the Harvest Moon so after being inspired by the amazing art, Tina was able to capture the Harvest Moon in her hand, which created a stunning photograph.

From the Louvre there was time to travel to the Eiffel Tower, and as it was a warm evening hundreds of people were out enjoying the evening and at 10’Oclock the Tower began to sparkle with an amazing light show, yet another spectacular and special moment.


On Saturday morning it was time to enjoy a traditional breakfast at a Café and to watch the world go by, a famous Parisian pastime. Then a stroll around the traditional shops and Rose was able to teach Tina some useful French vocabulary, especially in the Patisserie shop, Tina decided to set a challenge, to return to school with a Baguette and traditional Macaroons!

There was just enough time to visit the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, after climbing the steps below was the amazing view of the city.

Finally, it was time to return to the Gare du Nord for the return trip back on the Eurostar, and of course to have Tina’s passport stamped and her visa activated.

The trip to the French capital was brief, but Tina was able to see some outstanding art, learn a little French language, stand amongst some iconic architecture and create memories of a lifetime.

We are delighted that we were able to help Tina with her visa whilst also having lots of fun and soaking up some French art and culture.

Vive la France!