Parent Survey Results 2016

In November 2016, X number of parents were invited to participate in a survey about Pippa’s Guardians. Parents were asked a range of questions from how happy they were with the service we provide and whether they perceive it to be good value for money to how they heard about Pippa’s Guardians and why they chose to use us.

The response rate was excellent (X%) and the answers reassured us that Pippa’s Guardians is offering a caring, supportive, reliable and professional service that is highly recommended by both parents and educational agents.

Q1. Overall, how happy are you with the service provided by Pippa’s Guardians?

Q2. For each of Pippa’s Guardians’ core values, please state how strongly you agree or disagree that the company follows these guiding principles.

Pippa’s Guardians are Strongly
Agree Disagree Disagree Strongly
Caring 50 28 1 0
Supportive 47 31 1 0
Communicative 46 31 2 0
Responsive 48 31 0 0
Efficient 45 34 0 0
Polite 53 26 0 0
Professional 50 28 0 1

Q3. Do you feel that you receive good value for money with Pippa’s Guardians?

Q4. How happy have you been with your interactions with Pippa’s Guardians’ staff?

Q5. How did you find out about Pippa’s Guardians?

Q6. Why did you choose Pippa’s Guardians to care for your child?

Parent responses comprised a whole host of reasons for choosing Pippa’s Guardians to care for their children while studying in the UK. Over 50% of parents said that they chose Pippa’s Guardians because it came highly recommended – either by an educational agent, a school or another parent/friend. The complimentary words experienced, co-operative, reliable, informative, professional, caring, and supportive appeared in a number of answers and a few other reasons are quoted below:

The staff are professional and always show good care for my child.

Pippa’s is a family owned company and I feel more comfortable using them than a large company.

Meeting Ben Hughes gave us confidence in Pippa’s that they would take good care of our child.