UK Guardianship

You might be wondering why your child needs a Guardian.

The short answer is that Boarding schools require all international students to have a Guardian aged over 25 resident in the UK.
Whilst schools are responsible for your child’s welfare during the school term, there are many times, such as exeats, half terms, holidays or when your child is sick, when the responsibility falls to the Educational Guardian to take care of your child.
This is where Pippa’s Guardians steps in…

What a Guardian does.

In studying abroad, your child is embarking on the educational adventure of a lifetime. In essence, a guardian acts as the safety net. A guardian ensures that your child gains all the benefits and opportunities of adventure, independence, confidence and new experiences, without the accompanying risk. A guardian gives you peace of mind.
In practical terms this means that we promise to:

  • Greet your son or daughter at the airport and make all travel arrangements for weekend breaks, half terms and holidays.
  • Match your child to a welcoming, friendly and fully vetted host family – his or her ‘home from home’ in the UK for weekend breaks, half terms and holidays.
  • Visit your child regularly at school and take a genuine interest in his or her emotional, educational and pastoral progress.
  • Supervise your child’s academic progress and attend teacher-parent meetings on your behalf. We will also send a written report of the meetings afterwards so you are fully informed.
  • Facilitate good communication and strong relationships with the School and host family to ensure your child’s needs are well met.
  • Assist your child with opening UK bank accounts and purchasing UK mobile SIM cards.
  • Help your child purchase school uniform and other items he or she might need.
  • Manage your child’s pocket money.
  • Provide support, help and advice should medical issues arise.
  • Advise on future schools, organise visits and placement.
  • Book your child onto English Language and revisions courses for the holidays when required.
  • Offer advice if your child, like many of our students, chooses to continue his or her studies at one of Britain’s top universities. We’ll even arrange university visits.
  • Assist with Visa applications and Police Registrations.
  • Co-ordinate travel arrangements for you and other family members. By organising your accommodation, school tours, and time with your child once he or she is here, we’ll help you get the most from your trip.
  • Advise and support in a crisis. We are on 24-hour call to help you and your child with any difficulties or problems that arise.