The Cotford Hotel in Malvern was the venue for the Pippa’s Guardians Christmas Party, which took place in December. Ben Hughes, MD, kindly invited the whole staff to this wonderful hotel, where they enjoyed a fun and festive evening. The evening began with photos in front of the Christmas tree in the Piano Lounge, with three generations of the Hughes family: Ben’s mother Pippa, who is the founder of Pippa’s Guardians, Ben and his wife Louise, and their two young children.

The party was then over for the youngest guests, as more photos were taken of the entire staff, and they then progressed through to the award-winning L’amuse-Bouche Restaurant to be served a delicious three-course dinner. After that, Ben gave his thanks to the staff and expressed his pride at how the business is flourishing. There were awards to long-serving employees from Ben and then Ceri and Elaine, the Regional Managers took the opportunity to thank their Area Managers and show their appreciation to the office team. Some amusing awards were also presented to other well-deserving staff members who had been nominated by their colleagues. The party spirit continued with a Secret Santa, a festive and fun idea from Ceri and Elaine to round off the evening and share presents with colleagues. The whole evening was a resounding success and special thanks go to Imogen Trevethan for organising the festivities with such enthusiasm and attention to detail. As she gave reminders of the order of events and a countdown to the evening, her enthusiasm was contagious, and everyone enjoyed being caught up in the excitement. The evening also gave the team a great opportunity to come together and enjoy the relaxing environment away from phones and emails! Many thanks to Ben for his generosity in hosting a fantastic evening.