Caja Gobel is celebrating the offer of a place at Cambridge University. Currently studying for the IB at Bryanston School in Dorset, Caja is delighted that she will be off to Murray Edwards College to study Linguistics later this year. She is studying German, French and Spanish already and clearly has a talent for foreign languages, however she is now keen to look at where languages come from, how they work and how they have evolved. Although Caja initially knew very little about Linguistics, she talked to a friend who is studying it, and then decided to read more on the subject and realised that it was something she wanted to explore further at degree level.

After a tough selection process, Caja finally received the good news from Cambridge in January: “The day I got my offer I actually felt really awful because everyone else applying to Cambridge from my school had already heard by lunchtime if they got in or not, while I only got my email in the late afternoon. I was super happy when I heard from them and I got really excited and we had a little celebration in my boarding house the following night”.

Caja has a demanding few months ahead of her now in order to get the grades she needs. Good luck from us all at Pippa’s Guardians, and huge congratulations on your offer!