We like to think that choosing Pippa’s Guardians to care for your child is like a five-star insurance policy.

It’s an investment in peace of mind.

Because when children, thousands of miles away from home, need help, we’ll always be there, solving problems, communicating clearly, reassuring parents and students quickly and calmly.

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, we’re confident in our ability to look after our overseas students as if they were our own children thanks to our network of exceptional staff.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been reflecting on the unforeseen challenges we’ve had to navigate since Pippa’s Guardians opened its doors in 1997.

And there have been many.

Three years ago, on the day a major airline had a significant IT failure, dozens of students were due to fly home to their families.

With all flights cancelled and parents informed, we immediately arranged transport back to the child’s school or trusted Host Families close to the airport.

We executed the same swift response in 2010, when the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted and the subsequent ash cloud closed European airspace for several days, cancelling flights and leaving students needing last-minute changes to their plans.

And when the SARS pandemic ripped through 26 countries in 2002, we quickly rented quality accommodation so students who were quarantined were comfortable, safe and well-cared for.

These global crises are rare, and with decades of experience, Pippa’s Guardians has a proven track record of responding quickly and effectively.

We’re confident there’s nothing our Area Managers haven’t dealt with.

It’s this experience that makes us equally adept at handling the day-to-day problems, predicting issues before they arise and having solid back-up plans so our students are safe and secure.

Our travel plans always build in contingency to allow for traffic or other delays at the airport.

If flights are cancelled, our Area Managers – always on hand – organise emergency host family accommodation.

And when lost passports and visas happen – and they do – we provide secure Host Family accommodation and liaise with the relevant embassies to ensure new documents are expedited for students’ travel home.

If, on the very rare occasion a Host Family needs to cancel due to sickness or other emergency, we always have a Plan B, arranging alternative accommodation where we know students will be happy and safe.

And if children fall ill or are injured, we’re there straight away, liaising with their school, doctors and hospitals, supporting them until parents arrive to take care of their child.

It’s why we have an emergency telephone line, manned 24/7 by experienced staff, so parents can be reassured we’re always here to help.

Our close relationships with schools, nurtured over many years, means we’re a formidable partnership – able to react and respond decisively, whatever the issue.

Schools know they can rely on us.

Experienced Area Managers foster close relationships with students, who know they can trust them. Our Host Families are caring and supportive – a home-away-from-home.

This network is pulled together by our experienced head office team, who ensure Pippa’s Guardians is there to support students and their families in every situation, at any time of day or night.

That’s the Pippa’s Guardians difference.