We are proud to share our quarantine service feedback, a success story that tells of how we are currently welcoming over 40 students, aged 9 to 18 years old, back to the UK and safely supervising their self-isolation. Students, parents, schools and Pippa’s staff have all reflected on this new experience and described how we are genuinely making a difference.

Pippa’s Guardians are proud to be an AEGIS Gold Standard accredited guardianship agency. Our goal is to consistently provide the highest standards of care in all aspects of the guardianship services that we offer. When faced with a challenge we swiftly respond and identify the best solution to support our students, parents and schools. We go above and beyond and never compromise on safeguarding, safety or quality of service at all times.

This week, our first students to complete their quarantine have been leaving the countryside hotel, cheerfully returning to school after so many months away. It has been our pleasure to support our partner schools and parents by ensuring that our students can return to the UK safely to continue their UK education.

Milton Hill House

I have been staying in the hotel for a week now and I really enjoyed it so far. The rooms are clean and spacious, with all the essentials provided; the meals are well-cooked and always delivered to our rooms on time. Moreover, the beautiful Italian garden behind the hotel provides us with the opportunity to walk around and get some fresh air.

Selina – Student at Charterhouse

The quarantine hotel provided by Pippa’s Guardians is much better than the hotel in China! I have been able to study, reading and writing a lot and I feel safe and welcomed. The Pippa’s Guardians staff have been very kind and I enjoy the food very much. After quarantine I look forward to returning to Oundle but in the meantime I will stay here and prepare for my new term.Thank you to the Pippa’s staff for taking such good care of me.

Max – Student at Oundle School

At the Quarantine Hotel I welcomed students as they arrived and settled them into their rooms ensuring they had everything they needed.

Checks on every student were made at least three times a day including checking their temperature and making sure they were feeling well. I also encouraged them to take regular exercise for a limited time each day. I was pleased to update and reassure all parents daily on the well being of their children. So lovely to meet and get to know each student and to learn a little about each of them, what they are studying and their hopes for the future.

Nicky Cullity – Area Manager on duty at the hotel

Time to study and relax

Thanks for your regular message. We feel very warm hearted to learn Max’s daily life in the hotel. We are very happy with Max’s news and very satisfied with Pippas’ care. The arrangement for Max trip and quarantine hotel are very careful and warm hearted. Under your care, we are confident with Max safe study and life in UK.

Max’s Parents

Thank you very much for telling me everything. We are so happy to know April is well there.

April’s Parents

I am very thankful to you for what you have done to arrange Kevin carefully and you work so hard to keep them comfortable. We believe in you and be pleased to hear Kevin’s safe and well every day. We are very thankful to you for your help to Kevin everyday.

Kevin’s Parents

Many thanks for the update, it’s great to hear that Mark is OK

Housemaster, Blundells

Quarantine completed and time to say goodbye

I have thoroughly enjoyed my stays at our quarantine hotel to support the Pippa’s team who have been managing the service and ensuring all is running smoothly. This rare opportunity to personally meet and get to know students from all ends of the country has been a particular highlight. Understanding how we are able to provide reassurance to our parents at a challenging time is comforting. The delivery of our quarantine hotel service has reminded me why the safety and happiness of the students in my care is central to everything that Pippa’s Guardians sets out to do.

Ben Hughes Managing Director

For more information about the Pippa’s Guardians Quarantine Service, please see here.