Supporting our students during travel restrictions

 On Monday Hong Kong announced it was stopping passenger flights from the UK as of 1st July. We still had a number of Hong Kong students in the UK who had hoped to return home for the summer.

Our teams worked with the students and their families to quickly book their return flights and get all the necessary paperwork in place.

 Yesterday, members of our team were placed at the airport to assist the children trying to get home, with the thorough and overwhelming checks required before departure. These included airline tickets, passports, Hong Kong IDs, PCR test, PCR testing lab accreditation and verification of quarantine hotel bookings. Many of which were arranged at very late notice following the announcement.

 Although the airports themselves were fairly quiet, the queues for HK flights were long and slow. The students were amazingly patient and brave, it was naturally a very stressful time for them, as they were aware there was a possibility they wouldn’t be able to return home to their families.

 We are delighted that all of our students at the airport yesterday, successfully boarded their flights and are on their way to being reunited with their families, who had to anxiously wait for the good news that their child was on the plane and about to make their journey home.

Our team was at the airport for almost 12 hours and were happily celebrating as the last student boarded the plane!

Comments from parents:

“I’ve gone through a rollercoaster tonight! you guys have done a brilliant job, really appreciated”

 “Thank you for all these arrangements in such a constrained amount of time pressure! Especially with all the other students you need to take care of too”

 “Thank you very much for your help at the airport! Lucky that you are here to help. I am sure they would panic without you”