As Christmas 2021 approached, many students found themselves in a similar situation to Christmas 2020; unable to travel home and be with their families.

Those who could travel, were faced with long and expensive periods of quarantine which made going home impossible.


Following the success of our 2020 Christmas camp and numerous requests from our students and parents, we offered students a Christmas camp at Dean Close School in Cheltenham.

Students aged 11-18 from across the country were welcomed to the camp which offered a blend of study for their upcoming mock examinations, as well as lots of exciting and enjoyable activities which included rock climbing, kayaking, pottery painting, music, sports and social events.


Our dedicated staff worked hard throughout the camp to ensure students were safe, supported and well cared for during their stay. We also wanted to share an English Christmas experience and lots of festive spirit.

We arranged our own Pippa’s Christmas service in the school Chapel which featured festive carols and readings from students who bravely volunteered. We were able to film these readings and share them with their families back home so parents could also feel involved.


All of our students decorated their own Christmas stockings for the camp elves to fill on Christmas eve and students took part in a ‘secret santa’ giving and receiving gifts to and from their campmates. We had a wonderful Christmas three course lunch followed by more carols, games and festive films on Christmas day.


As the number of cases of Covid increased in the UK, we inevitably had a small number of students test positive at the camp. To ensure all students were fit and well to return to school at the end of their Christmas break, we had carefully prepared contingency plans which we swiftly  implemented that enabled us to prevent the spread of the virus. It was pleasing to hear how supportive and reassured our parents were of the action that we took.


We have had kind and appreciative feedback from grateful parents for our staff who spent their Christmas at Pippa’s camp looking after the students.

Comments from parents:


“I would like to thank you and the team for taking care of my daughter over the last 2 weeks. She returned to School safely yesterday and starts her new school term today.

In the first week, she has been focused and spent most of her time on revision – as she will have tests and mocks at the beginning of this school term. She was not particularly “active” back then. Then in the second week, she participated in a number of activities, such as badminton, gym and climbing, and practised her piano in the afternoon. She had had great fun and enjoyed her time there very much.

I must say the camp was very well managed and offered a balanced timetable – revision/ self study in the morning followed by a choice of sports/arts activities in the afternoon.  I am very glad that my daughter could maintain a disciplined and healthy routine during her term break.  

With the increasing number of confirmed Covid cases in the UK, a few cases in the camp was expected. I was truly impressed by the immediate and decisive actions and measures taken by the management to stop the spread. I couldn’t agree with you more that the children’s safety is the top priority – though I would add that the staff’s safety and wellbeing should be equally important.  Your daily updates gave us peace of mind and thank you for being so transparent and open. It was a great relief to hear that there were no new cases in just a few days after the “lockdown” – it proved that the steps taken were effective!

The camp was indeed a success. We could see the amount of efforts and time you all have put in – apparently, there was already a contingency plan in place – so well thought!  


My best wishes to all of you. Please take care and stay safe.“

Best regards,


May Chan (Hong Kong Parent)



I just want to say thank you for all of the help which you have given since Abila was supported by Pippas. I do really appreciate everything you do. 
Due to impact of COVID, I knowing that you have met significant challenges. Thank you so much for offering a perfectly Christmas Camp for children who are unable to go back to home. As parents, we are glad to see Abila has so much funs in the camp. During the conversations with Abila, we can see she is really enjoying the activities, meeting with friends and celebrating Christmas. I appreciated the opportunities your team and you providing such a fantastic Christmas holiday to Abila. I also would like to mention that Eden is so nice, she sends pictures everyday which makes we can know daily activities, and she gives feedback immediately when we are worried about the situation of child. Comparing the Christmas camp of last year, we are glad to see more children attending the camp, and the varieties activities you provided.
We are aware that there are few positive cases of COVID in the camp, and we would like to thank you for your prompt arrangements to providing such a safe environment. We believe your colleagues and you must have lots of hard works and challenges during your Christmas holidays. I think Abila had a lovely holiday, and she is looking forward to start her new term.
I also want to say thank you to our area manager Sam. I can’t even count how many things she has helped our family. She is the most capable person and she is warm and kind.
I’m sure that, like me, all the parents do really appreciate everything you do. May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your kindly help to Abila and wish you and you families a Happy New Year.

Kind Regards

Lucia Zhang (Mother of Wycombe Abbey student)