This year we have had more students than ever apply to study at Oxford and Cambridge – thirteen in total, all of whom were invited to interview in December, so we spent lots of time preparing for those. Practicing interview questions and encouraging students to showcase their intellectual flexibility meant that our students knew what to expect at interview and how to present the best versions of themselves. I’m incredibly proud of them all!


I have also been lucky to support some very creative students this year, hoping to study Architecture, Fine Art and Music. Assembling portfolios of their best work and helping them speak about their creative process in their personal statements has been very rewarding and I am sure they will all go on to flourish at university where they can express themselves.


It’s been an extra challenging year, with more applications than ever because of deferred entry from last year and the UK’s increasingly competitive university system, so helping students to write personal statements that really stand out and are memorable has been my priority. Thankfully our wonderful students are always ready to go the extra mile when it comes to reading and getting the experience they need! I feel very fortunate to have worked with such a fantastic group this year!


Evie Pike
University Advisor