Everyone of our students are assigned a Pippa’s Area Manager who is local to them and their school. Their Area Manager will get to know them personally, offer support and guidance throughout the year in both school and personal matters. Eden, Pippa’s Chinese Liaison Officer, is also always on hand to provide translation support between families, Area Managers, Schools and host families.

Our students are further supported by our amazing network of host families who also go above and beyond for the students, helping them as they would their own children.

Most recently, Cherry a student at Badminton School, had to attend an appointment at the Visa Office in London.  Trilby, one of our host families, was kind enough to escort Cherry to the appointment to ensure she travelled safely and was successful with her visa appointment.

They set off at 6:25am, by train, with Andrew, Trilby’s husband on standby in the car in case there were any train delays or cancellations. They arrived at the Visa Office on time but unfortunately there were some issues with the paperwork. Trilby stepped in and persuaded the Visa Officer to give them another appointment later that day, so that they had the opportunity to sort out the missing documents. With the help of Trilby, Cherry’s Mum and Charlie (Cherry’s Pippa’s Area Manager) all of the missing documents were obtained and printed in the nick of time to attend their second appointment which was successful.

They finally caught the 4pm train back to Bristol where Andrew was waiting to drive Cherry back to school.

Thank you for your help as always, you arranged all the steps came to pick up my daughter at 6:25 in the morning , and then arrived at the visa center on time.There were many situations, Triby helped Cherry communicate throughout the whole process, when my daughter’s bank statement was incomplete, Trilby accompanied her all the way to make copies of the documents and to print out the statement at HSBC. WIthout your effort and assistant, Cherry can’t operate in visa centre in success this time.  Eden and Charlie both assisted me during the process. I really appreciate your team’s responsible attitude, every member of your team is so excellent . Thank you for all.

Chen, Cherry’s Mum

It was a very stressful and exhausting day for all involved, but thanks to the quick thinking and response from Trilby and Charlie, it had a successful outcome. Trilby and Cherry sent us this photo of them feeling happy and relieved on the train back home.