Studying abroad as an international student is an incredible opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture, gain valuable experiences and forge lifelong connections both in and outside of school.

One of the most significant bonds that can be formed during this journey is with a host family – a home away from home. Many of our students stay in touch with their Pippa’s host family, long after they have left school, which is testament to the lasting impact of the experience.

We were delighted to hear from Tricia and David Riley, a Pippa’s host family who recently enjoyed a visit from a student they had previously hosted.

Yuki, a student from Japan, stayed with Tricia and David during school breaks for 2 years whilst he was studying at Christ’s Hospital School in West Sussex.  Yuki has been studying Mathematics and Computer Science at UCL for the last four years, but they have all remained in contact. Tricia and David said “It’s been lovely to stay in touch with him and his family. I’m sure we will be seeing them again in the future.”

The Riley family were the first hosts Yuki had stayed with after coming to the UK to study. Yuki has just completed his four year degree and ensured he paid them a visit before returning back to Japan.

“What I remember is that I was very nervous. It was more than nervous, but I don’t know how I can explain what I felt. This was first time for me to stay in the UK, and I had not experienced living away from my family for longer than two weeks before that. I couldn’t speak or listen in, so I was not confident to communicate with them.  They were welcoming, friendly and supportive. They talked to me a lot even though I was not good at English at the beginning.”

We are incredibly grateful that the Riley family continue to host Pippa’s students. They are one of the many wonderful families we have caring for our students during school breaks.

We would like to wish Yuki all the best for his very bright future!