Sarah Davies joined Pippa’s Guardians in 2017 as the Area Manager for students studying at Cheltenham College or Cheltenham College Prep.

Sarah is celebrating her 5th year working for Pippa’s and supporting students through their education in Cheltenham.

Having worked with these schools for five years now, she has an excellent knowledge of the school and developed good relationships with the staff there.

We have had numerous letters of thanks from parents, students and schools staff about Sarah and we are proud to have her as part of our team!

Ben Hughes, Pippa’s Managing Director met with Sarah to mark her anniversary “Sarah’s appointment is particularly poignant as she took students I was previously responsible for at my old school, Cheltenham College. I remember handing the students over to her with a tinge of sadness, but they’ve been incredibly well looked after and she is treated like a staff member at the school which I think says it all really. Thank you Sarah for taking such good care of your students.”

Sally Tyler Short is the Regional Manager for the South of England, and Sarah’s Line Manager “Sarah is a very valued member of the team, always happy to share her experience and support other Area Managers, She has the most wonderful “added value” ideas, always completed with an extra flourish from exam good luck packs, to wonderful photo collages.”

Congratulations Sarah from all your Pippa’s colleagues and students.