It’s been a busy start to the new academic year as Pippa’s Guardians has recently taken on three Area Managers and a new Chinese Liaison Officer. With student numbers on the rise, we want to ensure that each young person we look after is properly supported during their time at school here. Our Area Managers are invaluable in the care they provide, by visiting pupils in school – whether to iron out any difficulties or watch them play in a sports match, and by giving parents that vital feedback about their children.

Jo Bagley

Jo will be looking after students in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. Her early career was in Investment Management, before she then moved into the field of publishing. After the arrival of her children, Jo became a school governor and has greatly enjoyed being involved in the school environment. More recently, Jo has hosted international students so she understands how to support them so they can thrive and do their best here.

I’m sure your child will thoroughly enjoy their experience in the UK and Pippa’s Guardians will ensure that they are happy, safe and secure, enabling them to make the most of their studies, extra-curricular opportunities and new friendships.


Sam Barlow

Sam is from Oxford and the students she is looking after are at schools in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Sam has two teenage children who have studied in international and UK boarding schools, so she understands what it is like for parents to help their children settle in new surroundings. Having lived in China and Singapore, Sam knows what it is like to be immersed in a new culture and whilst there can be difficulties, she also recognises the many benefits to be gained from such experiences.

I am well aware how daunting it can be to transition into a new school in another country, so my priority will be to take the time to get to know your child and focus efforts on making the process smooth and comfortable.


Cindy Valuto

Cindy is our new Area Manager for Somerset and is looking forward to getting to know our students at Wells Cathedral School. She is in the unique position of having attended the school herself, having worked there and now having her two daughters at the school so she really knows everything there is to know about the school. Cindy has also worked as a Registrar at a prep school, so has experience in many aspects of school life and is looking forward to getting the know the children and their families.


From experience, I know that the key to a successful time at school is to ensure that students feel settled, secure and most importantly happy.


Eden Yang

Eden is Pippa’s Guardians’ new Chinese Liaison Officer and is already getting to know our students and their parents. Eden gained her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree when she was at university in China, and she spent 10 years working in human resources management for large multinationals. After meeting her English husband, Eden moved to the UK and they now have a young daughter. Eden understands the challenges of moving abroad and getting used to the cultural differences between countries. She is looking forward to helping with communication and overcoming linguistic barriers between parents, schools, students and the Pippa’s Guardians team.